• Economy and Jobs

    John Kline has heard far too many stories from Minnesotans in the 2nd Congressional District about how sluggish economic conditions are hurting them. A mom shouldn’t be kept from seeing her son’s soccer game because she is working two jobs.

    A family shouldn’t have to choose between buying gas and groceries, and paying the mortgage or rent. A dad shouldn’t have to worry his daughter can’t go to college because he has been out of work and sees no end in sight. John believes Minnesota’s hardworking families deserve better and he is fighting to expand opportunities for every American.

    Washington must be committed to taking every possible step to spur job creation and get our economy back on track so families can flourish and Americans can do what they do best: create, invent, and lead.

    Whether listening to constituents here at home, hosting a Career and Jobs Fair, helping them navigate bureaucratic red tape and roadblocks created by the federal government, or enacting pro-growth legislation that will address our economic challenges, foster innovation and investment, and help job creators, John Kline will keep fighting for the Minnesotans he represents.


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