• John Kline Launches His Kline for Congress 2014 Campaign

    Minnesota Congressman John Kline officially launched his 2014 campaign for Congress in front of a packed room of supporters tonight in Apple Valley.

    “There is an enormous breach of trust between the White House and Congressional Democrats and most Americans,” Kline said. “When the federal government abuses its power and wastes your hard-earned taxpayer dollars, liberty is eroded, the economy is slowed, and the rule of law is diminished. Whether it’s the Benghazi scandal, the chilling revelation the IRS was targeting conservative groups, the broken promises of ObamaCare, or the mistreatment we are learning about at the VA – Americans rightly are demanding answers.”

    Kline encouraged supporters to join him on the campaign trail by volunteering to march in parades, make phone calls, man fair booths, prepare mailings, and lend a helping hand to accomplish the campaign tasks of the day.

    “I look forward to campaigning alongside you to spread our positive message of fighting for a more effective and efficient government,” Kline said. “Americans deserve a government that is committed to taking every possible step to spur job creation and get our economy back on track so families can flourish and Americans can do what they do best: create, invent, and lead.”


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